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Take Back Your Life!!!!

Your pain is our problem!!!!!

Let us help you find your work/ life balance or a better retirement by tossing us your pesky tasks. Go golfing, spend quality time with your kids, even work more (but we don't suggest it!) 

Relax!!!! We got you covered.

(Meal prep and grocery shopping is just one of our services)

Use us on occasion or daily!

Side Kicks come from all walks of life. Our team consists of fitness instructors, stay at home moms, CNAs, etc. Send up a flare and we're there, or grab a Side Kick and keep him or her around for awhile!

(We have many, many happy 4-legged clients with references!)

Companion care...
- running errands
- prepping meals
- housekeeping
- transporting to appointments

Our Services Offerings Include (but are NO WAY CLOSE to being limited to)...

ransportation to and from appointments or taking 4-legged kids to a hair cut)


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What is YOUR pain?

Fort Myers and beyond

((prices may vary based on location, but our goal is to find the best Side Kick in the closest proximity to you))

Side Kick Services

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